Winter 2013-14 

2013 was a wonderful year. Highlights include:
  • Performing at great venues incuding Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Portland's Lan Tsu Chinese Garden
  • Golem performances at the University of Oregon and Alberta Rose Theatre
  • Hosting a monthly classical performance series at Shaker and Vine wine bar
  • Playing with the Waking Guild
  • profile on 106 Keys in Oregon Jewish Life that made my Jewish mama kvell.
2014 holds many good things in store:
  • A new classical ensemble, Recalled to Life
  • Golem at Corvallis's Whiteside Theatre, sponsored by Oregon State University
  • Playing live accompaniment for Fritz Lang's "Destiny" at the Alberta Rose, October 11, 2014
  • A commissioned work and candlelit concert for March Music Moderne
  • A new musical about sex and politics
Have a wonderful holiday season... and if you're feeling a little too overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, check out 106 Keys' Un-Holiday Concert at Portland Piano Company on December 21st at 7pm.

Spring 2013 News 

I'm looking forward to a full and incredibly diverse performance calendar this spring. Highlights include:
  • "Homomentum", a "brand-new genderbending sci-fi fantasy musical" by Max Voltage and Leander Star
  • Flute and piano mayhem co-created with flutist Amalia Etedgee at venues including Ford Food & Drink and the Rose Schnitzer Manor
  • A screening of silent films with live accompaniment as part of the annual Art Beat festival at Portland Community College
Go to Performance Calendar for dates and details!

Also new this spring is a venture in music for weddings and special events. Details on the Weddings page.

Golem review 

Read Brett Campbell's review of last Saturday's Classical Revolution PDX concert here.

"The second half began with pianist Beth Karp accompanying excerpts from the famed 1920 German Expressionist film, “The Golem” with her scintillating original score. Embracing elements of Philip Glass-style minimalism, old filmscores, and more, it still managed to be both cohesive and to complement the on-screen action without overshadowing it."

Alberta Rose Theatre, October 2012. Photo courtesy of Gary Stallsworth.



I'm nearing the end of Gigtober, a month of TEN gigs- vocal accompaniment, chamber and contemporary music as part of a wedding trio, film accompaniment... If I didn't teach, I might not have seen the light of day for most of the month- every spare moment was dedicated to composing a brand new score for "The Golem", which premiered on October 25th (listener responses: "Lovely music and fascinating story!"... "Herculean composing"...). The past few days have been a wonderful capstone to the month, with the film score premiere on Thursday, performance of an excerpt with Classical Revolution PDX at Alberta Rose Theatre on Saturday, and a gig with the BoomArts theater organization on Sunday (PDX premiere of David Adjmi's play "Elective Affinities").

I love multidisciplinary artwork, so it's been a treat to do performances where the music is interwoven with film and theater. In the post-show discussion for "Elective Affinities", the director summarized a central message of the play as: "We define who we are by the people we exclude". There's something compelling about that statement- I scribbled it down as soon as she said it, and am grappling with how I feel about it. It's especially potent in a month where I went on voluntary lockdown for a while in order to write almost two hours' worth of music.

Gigtober ends on Wednesday with a Halloween Neutrino Project at Curious Comedy Theater, then the last performance I have lined up for the time being is with the Willamette Falls Symphony on Nov. 11th. If you missed the "Golem" premiere, stay tuned... I'm working on lining up some more performances for 2013. Click here for clips.

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